Dazzler by Wyndham Hotels

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Hotel Dazzler Buenos Aires Maipú

Dazzler Buenos Aires Palermo, Argentina

Distinguished hotel in Palermo Hollywood, conveniently located, close to bars and restaurants. It has comfortable rooms and recommended services.

Dazzler Buenos Aires Recoleta, Argentina

Our hotel in Recoleta is the ideal option to visit Buenos Aires, close to tourist and historical points of the city. Dazzler Recoleta offers free breakfast, free WiFi, outdoor pool and gym.

Dazzler Buenos Aires Maipú, Argentina

This hotel in Downtown Buenos Aires has a perfect location, with easy access to all the tourist spots in the city. It offers comfortable rooms, breakfast included, free WiFi and a gym.

Dazzler Buenos Aires San Martín, Argentina

Dazzler San Martín, an outstanding hotel in downtown Buenos Aires, offers a strategic location and is the ideal option for both corporate and tourist travelers.

Dazzler Rosario, Argentina

Dazzler Rosario is a modern hotel in Rosario with spacious rooms, breakfast included, free WiFi, gym and swimming pool on the terrace.

Dazzler Puerto Madryn, Argentina

In the center of the city and overlooking the sea, this hotel in Puerto Madryn offers a unique stay, with outstanding amenities and unmissable views of the Gulf.

Dazzler Asunción, Paraguay

In front of the Shopping del Sol and meters from the World Trade Center, this hotel in Asuncion offers trendy restaurants, a swimming pool on the terrace, a spa, a gym and spacious rooms.

Dazzler Ciudad del Este, Paraguay

Easily accessible, this hotel in Ciudad del Este has a swimming pool on the terrace, a spacious restaurant and parking. Dazzler Ciudad del Este is the best option on your visit to the city.

Dazzler Colonia, Uruguay

Our modern hotel in Colonia, facing the promenade and overlooking the river, has a Wellness Center, gym, heated indoor pool, outdoor pool and comfortable rooms.

Dazzler Montevideo, Uruguay

In Pocitos, this hotel in Montevideo Punta Carretas offers unforgettable moments, with outstanding services and unmissable views of Montevideo from the pool on the terrace.

Dazzler Lima Miraflores, Peru

Dazzler Miraflores, this outstanding hotel in Lima Miraflores , offers a combination of outstanding services, personalized attention and an excellent location.

Dazzler Lima San Isidro, Peru

In the financial center of Lima and with all the comforts, the hotel in San Isidro is the ideal option for both tourism travelers and corporate travelers.